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Fear and Ego Curtail Innovation

November 11, 2010


Upon reading this short, but quite informative story in the link provided above (“Why Your Company is at Risk if Your Employees Won’t Take Risks”) I was struck by past memories of my career.  As an US Air Force officer (Captain), I remembered how shocked and nerve-racked my superiors were when I conducted emergency response exercises without a checklist, using grenade simulators or having ACTUAL emergency vehicles respond to an exercise drill inside of a weapons storage area.  I looked back at past careers outside of the Air Force as those supervisors cringed and sought numerous pounds of flesh when a mistake occurred in the name of innovation or being competitive.  This article is an enlightening breath of fresh air!

An organization, team, company, entity, etc., I feel, is predisposed to failure when it uses arcane and egocentric management practices of the industrial age.  Organizational success is achieved upon the foundation of respect, innovation, communication and calculated risk-taking.  Gone are the days when one could live upon the laurels of title and position simply because it is on an organizational chart.  The 21st Century organization and workers value risk takers who fail, as well as those who succeed.  Lessons are learned, documented as alternative approaches are examined and implemented when that ONE idea is a success.  Leading an organization by fear, as well as allowing one’s myopic ego to overshadow innovation, is an  assured guarantee of failure.