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Problem Solving via 21st Century Thinking

June 15, 2010;startModule_stateDropDown_dropDown

I stumbled across this great article via called Using Knowledge Brokering to Improve Business Processes.  In essence, this article speaks to how open-source communication works not only for software developers, but also to resolve management and/or product issues within the 21st Century.  I am very passionate about using the phrase “21st Century” because, I feel, the more I emphasize it the more my colleagues and friends will believe they are no longer in the industrial age.  Therefore, my subliminal motivation is to prod them to think and live innovatively, in addition to creatively.

This article closely aligns itself with my training and experience in Lean Six Sigma.  There is a concept of “TRIZ” (pronounced – ‘treez) where every business problem has its solution within another business process currently, or previously was, in effect.  Lean Six Sigma uses a systematic methodology to identify such resources and lead a strategic team to a solution.  I hope you find this article as interesting and applicable to business innovation as I did.