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Virtual Innovation with Numerous Business Efficiency Applications

December 19, 2009

The link above takes one to an extremely exciting innovation that can be applied to many business situations.  The article from speaks of “tele-immersive environment” technology that is being developed at the Univ. of Illinois.  For example, Managers, Product developers, Sales representatives, etc. can perform product demonstrations and/or training with customers in real-time within a virtual environment.  This technology can also aid in promoting an organization’s “green” or “environmentally friendly” activities with current or future customers.

I am interested learning from you how you propose this technology can be applied.


Your Social Media Online Presence as a Marketing Conduit

December 2, 2009

The social network medium’s “trust” factor is being co-opted into 21st Century marketing tools.  Products will, in future, be marketed as to how highly recommended our Facebook “Friends” view them.  Consider your purchasing habits of a product recommended by someone you do know (Friend), versus someone you do not know (an unknown face on a television commerical). 

This article found via the link below, provides nascent information and research as to how “trustworthy” or “trusting” we portend ourselves to be online.  Then, in my opinion, how this delicate and importantly idealistic human characteristic may be used as a profit vehicle.  Link is here: