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Women’s Issues in the Workplace

October 18, 2009

NBC’s “Meet the Press” aired a very informative discussion that supports my observations about a 21st Century mindset that business must adapt to and accept.  This aired on 18 October 2009.   In 1950, according to a TIME poll, women accounted for 29.6% of the workforce.  In 2009, women account for 49.9% of the workforce.  Given this change from the industrial age to the 21st Century innovation age, business must attend to and nurture the needs of a new workforce.  Notable quotes from the video clip:

 “… Business has to change to foster this new dynamic. …”

“… The battle of the sexes is over.  Now, there is a negotiation between the sexes. …”

The link to the MSNBC website also has a link to “The Shriver Report” that Linda Shriver and Leon Podesta coordinated with the Obama Administration’s White House Council on Women and GirlsLook under “US workforce foresees profound changes” via this link:


Innovative Business Practice

October 15, 2009

I found this Wall Street Journal article, M.B.A.s Seek Social Change, which is a great example of how businesses will have to accept a new 21st Century mindset.  It seems that business schools are nurturing future business leaders to be creative in how they relate to their customers and their environment.

Businesses that maintain an antiquated 20th Century, industrial age mindset will certainly go the way of the dinosaur.  Businesses must take the time to strategically plan for growth that is a benefit to, not abuse, their environment.  Out-of-the-box thinking and applications will help an organization successfully market it as a green friend of the environment.