Use of “Dashboard” Tool

  As a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma, I am always looking for innovative ways to use “dashboards” or “Balanced Score Cards” in relaying, conveying objective information.  Many companies, organizations and websites are following this type of reporting that was led by General Electric (GE) under the leadership of former CEO Jack Welch.  I refer specifically to my experience with GE Power Systems located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

  I visited their new-age campus back in 2003 while I was the Program Coordinator for a College Bound Program.  I was given the opportunity to see their “control room” that tracks and monitors engines, turbines, etc. throughout the entire world.  On each power system turbine there were three lights; red, yellow, green.  This reported to GE Power System controllers the engine’s operating efficiency.  This type of metric is easily understood as most motorists are familiar with the traffic light.

 Well, I saw how the “dashboard” is being adapted to more corners of everyday life.  I watched the NBC Nightly News broadcast on 31AUG09 as anchor-man Brian Williams featured such a “tool” being used to guide new students attending Purdue University.  Here is the link to that broadcast found on the MSNBC website:

 I am interested in learning other points-of-view as to how/if this will become the norm for everyone when trying to make critical decisions.


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